This… This is not what I wanted.

To preface this entire post: Yes, I posted earlier in the week about Mass Effect 3’s horrible ending, so for some of you, this might come out of left field, but you have to understand. I didn’t like ME3’s ending because it felt so detracted and abstract from the rest of the game that it may as well have been something completely different. Never once did I say I was going to riot or file a complaint with the FTC over the game’s ending.  I understand that BioWare made the ending the way THEY wanted it. Hell, Mass Effect 3 is their baby, so i didn’t ask them to change. I simply voiced my disappointment over the fact that the endings were so bloody disjointed.

The reason I had to preface this was because news leaked yesterday that BioWare is planning on releasing DLC to appease the rabid, slathering fanbase. So.. everyone didn’t like the ending, so they’re changing it. Something tells me that if this had happened circa 1986, when nintendo released the original Legend of Zelda. If fans didn’t like the ending, then they were warmly invited to take the biggest huff off the end of Nintendo’s big red and gold dick.

In an age when Games are trying so hard to be considered works of art, it’s funny to think that game developers are so willing to bend over and let the unwashed masses give it to them in every way possible. If you want your game to be considered a work of art, then you have to be able to stick to your guns. You have to be able to say ‘hey, yeah, you don’t like our ending, big deal. It’s OUR game, not yours’.

BioWare has lost a little bit of my respect today. I could have accepted that you made the game the way you did, even if I didn’t think the ending was appropriate, I could have accepted that. But I can’t believe that you would throw your credibility away to kowtow to the masses.

Will I buy the DLC? Maybe.

Will I buy the next big BioWare game? Probably around the same time that JK Rowling rewrites Harry Potter.


Please, BioWare, keep your terrible, TERRIBLE ending [Spoilers for ME3 follow]

Now, it’s no secret that I’m a Die-hard Mass Effect fan. Hell, I’ve spent too much time on all the games, I’ve read the comics, the books. Hell, I even plan on watching the Anime, no matter how horrendous it looks. That’s just how involved I am in the mythos of the series. Very rarely does a videogame franchise come along and sweep me off my feet like this…Which is why I was so damn disappointed with the way that the Mass Effect 3 Ending went down.

Now, I understand that most of the concerns are unfounded. The Story, The fate of Shepard, Hell, the fate of the damn galaxy, those are all decisions that get to be made by the creators. If Shepard suddenly evolves into a three headed slug monster and does battle with Kalros, the mother of all Thresher Maws, then so be it, but that’s the way they want it to go. No, I think the real failing of the Mass effect 3 ending is in the fact that, at the very last moments, they stripped away what mass effect was.

[PS: This is where the spoilers get REALLY heavy]

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2013. The year of.. The Super Nintendo?

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That’s right kids, for the first time in more than 15 years, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System [Snes, for us snobby kids] will be receiving a new game.

Retro Game Developer/Publisher Super Fighter Team has announced that they will be finishing production on Nightmare Busters. Described as a ‘run and gun’ type shooter, Nightmare Busters was originally developed in 1995, but was cancelled by the original dev team. The ‘New and Improved’ SNES game also comes with a new and improved price. Citing production costs, the game will be available for $68 for US customers and $75 USD for everyone else. The game apparently comes with some lovely amenities.

One (1) copy of Nightmare Busters for the Super Nintendo; a game cartridge with full color label, which supports both PAL and NTSC based systems.
One (1) full color instruction manual.
One (1) full color cardstock box to house the game cartridge and instruction manual.

The shipping date has not been specified, and the developers are stressing that only fanatical devotees of the game should consider preordering. A promise of a website has been made, and it should be in production, but it begs the question: When developers like BioWare and Infinity Ward are spending hundreds of Millions of dollars to use top of the line tech, how is it that a small time Retro developer can justify asking nearly $10 above the list price for most current gen games?

Good Luck, Netflix.

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Official this morning, The almost Four-year partnership between Los Gatos based Netflix and Cable movie channel Starz, has expired. Starz, which contributed the ‘StarzPlay’ Instant streaming service, bringing content such as new release movies and award winning series like the spectacular Spartacus: Blood and Sand, has announced that all content, including new and old release movies, will be removed from Netflix’s servers by March 1st.

The move comes in the wake of an announcement by Starz of an app that would allow Subscribers and Non-Subscribers alike to view content via Mobile phones and other devices.  Netflix has apparently been anticipating this move; Studies show that more than half of Netflix’s viewing audience is viewing television series, and the contract the company signed with the CW network was no doubt an effort to cushion the blow of Starz departure.

It will be interesting to see if the loss of feature films will be a detriment to Netflix, or if this will allow the company to pursue contracts with channels Like HBO or Cinemax. Also interesting to note is that the Starz contract expires as Netflix begins an aggressive expansion into The United Kingdom and Ireland, perhaps freeing them up to pursue regional contracts, as well.

Diablo III: Not just for sweaty PC gamers anymore.

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It was revealed earlier this week by a blizzard community manager that Diablo III would indeed be coming to consoles. He even went so far as to site the main developer in his tweet.

In response to an inquiry from a fan via Twitter, which asked simply “can you confirm or deny Diablo 3 coming to consoles?” community manager “Bashiok” responded “Yup. Josh Mosqueira is lead designer for the Diablo console project.” More specific details have yet to be announced.


And, lo, though we all remember the horrible, HORRIBLE Diablo port on the Playstation, I remain cautiously optimistic on this front. I mean I’m most likely not going to have a way to play it on a PC, so the revelation of a console port is a welcome announcement. Still, I think I’m going to keep my hard earned money away from a reservation, at least until I hear the initial reviews on the console version before i go out and buy it. The clunky console mapping is the only thing that worries me, because i doubt they’ll put out a mouse/keyboard combo just for one game.

What about you, readers? PC or Console?








2012 in movies: A look ahead.

We’ve officially kicked into high gear; 2011 is in our rear-view mirror, and as we plan our celebrations to kick off the new year, our thoughts turn to 2012 and everything it has to bring.

This is part 1 of.. well, I don’t know how many blogs it’s going to take, but over the next few days I’m going to chronicle the movies, tv shows, music, games and pretty much everything else I’m looking forward to seeing in the coming year, starting with the silver screen.

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Why the ^%$! am I still watching This?

My god. I’m Twenty Three years old, yet I’m still getting up at six in the morning to watch the Super Hero Squad Show. A show for Kids. I’ve thought about this quite a bit over the past few days. Why? I mean, why am i watching this?

Because it’s HILARIOUS, that’s why. For Marvel fans, if you can take yourself out of the seriousness of the comics, especially following the Fear Itself storyline, then SHS is just perfect. It’s the right amount of typical name dropping combined with characters we know and love. As an afficianado of Saturday morning cartoons, I have to say that SHS is just what younger kids need to get into marvel comics, and it’s just hat Older kids and adults need to take some of the edge off the otherwise serious storyline.

It still follows Marvel Storylines [Planet Hulk, etc] but it condenses them and adds the classic slapstick that most Cartoons are known for. The characters are mostly true to their comic iterations, save their more ‘quirky’ traits are magnified. Wolverine is all bark.. and mostly all bite [with a strange fear of his sideburns becoming animate objects] while Thor.. well, Thor talks like a High School Shakespeare play and just doesn’t quite understand the world around him.

I’m not ashamed to say that I watch it. Hell, any self respecting Marvel fan should..

NaNo…where the hell did my month go?

November started out with good intentions. I had firmly planted in my mind that I was going to participate in National Novel Writing month, the frantic, balls out excuse to write non stop for thirty days and see if you can get to 50,000 words. So, two days into the months, I had 2,000 words written. I wasn’t on track, But i could salvage it, and there was nothing going to stop me..

Then This happened..

I picked up Skyrim the day after it came out, and I’m just coming out of the Fantasy induced coma now.  My kitschy little dark fantasy piece about the priest that lost his way has gone unabashedly by the wayside in favor of letting my proud Dragonborn wander the countryside in search of dragons to slay.

And still.. I’ve only got 2000 words. I could probably smoke some crack and make up the other 48,000 words in the next two days, but, being unemployed, I don’t have the capital to afford crack, well at least not the good crack.

Has anyone else tried to do NaNoWriMo? if you have, post your experience in the comments and tell me if you failed as miserably as I did. And just remember, even if I’m laughing.. I’m crying on the inside.

First Look: Rainbow Six Patriots

Five years ago, things were a bit simpler. There weren’t so many amazing online shooters to choose from. In fact, one name dominated the market: Rainbow Six. The Tom Clancy series featured tight squad based gameplay that was on par with most conventional shooters, even at the time. Sadly, an influx of Shooters; Modern warfare 1 and 2, as well as the Battlefield series, dethroned Rainbow Six and took the FPS crown for themselves.

Well, Ubisoft Montreal aims to take that crown back by force. Their newest foray into the series is titled Rainbow 6 Patriots. In addition to changing their logo [Dropping the ‘six’ in favor of just a number], the team also aims to take the term ‘Terrorism’ to new levels. In the December issue of Game Informer, they detail the factions that you will be playing for. Numbered among them are: An elite special forces unit; a group of home grown American terrorists, and the civilians caught in the crossfire.

The new Terror comes in the form of a group calling themselves the ‘True Patriots’. The Patriots are everyday folks like you and I, highly trained and in the belief that the government is irrevocably corrupted by politicians and special interest groups. Playing as Rainbow squad, you will be forced to make tough decisions, and doing the ‘right thing’ becomes rather clouded. Combine this tense storyline with the solid gameplay from the previous games is looking like it might set the precedent for First Person Shooters.

In addition to the Single player campaign, Ubisoft is also giving serious work to the Multiplayer portion of the game. Players will be rewarded for Teamwork and split-second decision making, and Ubisoft is working on new features that “enhance communication and tactical execution between teammates.”

Rainbow 6 Patriots is slated for a 2013 release date, so no doubt more details are to come. I’ll keep you up to date on the latest.


Skyrim already getting DLC.. On XBOX first.




Image Courtesy of IGN

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been out for almost 36 hours now, and they’ve already announced not one, but TWO DLC packs that are scheduled for release within the coming months. And of course, the packs are going to be exclusive to the xbox 360 for the first 30 days of their release.

This isn’t anything new, with the Call of Duty games, as well as a handful of other titles, putting their coin in with Microsoft for exclusivity rights, but it just leaves a sour taste in the mouth of PC gamers to know that a console is getting the content early, even though, with a game like Skyrim, it’s difficult to see that you’ll be wanting for content even months into the game’s  lifetime.